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Orthomosaic maps created by drones have revolutionized the construction industry. These maps provide a precise and comprehensive view of the construction site, enabling project managers to have a better control over their projects.  
 With the increased accuracy, project managers can deliver their projects ahead of time and within budget, keeping all relevant parties such as investors, stakeholders, and executives informed at all stages of the project.

At Pilot Lens in Austin, Texas, we specialize in creating highly detailed orthomosaic maps by stitching together hundreds and sometimes thousands of images.

This process includes geometric correction to remove any distortions caused by camera tilt, lens distortion, or topographic relief.

Our expert team ensures that every map is comprehensive and accurate, providing valuable insights for a wide range of industries.

An orthomosaic map is a highly detailed map that is created by stitching together multiple images to form a comprehensive picture of a given area.

The process involves geometrically correcting the images to remove any distortions that might have been caused by factors such as camera tilt, lens distortion or topographic relief (changes in elevation).

This correction process, also known as orthorectification, ensures that the finished map accurately reflects the geography it depicts, making it an ideal tool for measuring distances and scale across the Earth’s surface.

Unlike other photographic maps, orthomosaic maps can be relied upon to give a true representation of the area and are highly valued for their precision and accuracy.
Our unmanned aerial vehicles have the capability to cover large areas quickly while maintaining high accuracy.

The drone pilot can use specialized software to program the drone's flight path and capture hundreds or even thousands of photos of the site.  

The use of a pre-programmed flight path is crucial in producing a high-quality map.

The pilot must take into account several important factors when creating an orthomosaic map, including resolution, overlap, and relevancy.

These elements help to ensure that the finished map is both detailed and accurate, providing valuable information for construction planning and management.
Our drone's images are equipped with metadata embedded into the map, conveying crucial information such as the time and weather conditions at the site where the pictures were taken.

In contrast, other aerial photography techniques like manned aircraft and cranes are not as versatile or high-quality, and come with higher costs and safety concerns.

Hiring a competent drone operator will provide better results, higher safety, and lower costs compared to these other methods.
Orthomosaic Drone Maps are Up-to-date, Reliable, and Precise.

Drone mapping streamlines all phases of construction projects, from pre-construction to final inspection. 

Orthomosaic maps serve as effective communication tools for both on-site and remote project participants.

Executives and stakeholders not on the physical site can keep track of progress by viewing digitally shared orthomosaic maps, reducing the need for frequent visits.

An orthomosaic map contains an immense level of detail and is equipped with annotation and measuring tools, allowing remote project participants to easily find answers to their questions.
Our drone mapping is a valuable asset for construction companies, offering a range of benefits that result in significant cost savings.

The use of drone orthomosaic maps results in improved information quality and frequency, allowing project managers to move their construction projects forward more efficiently.

The clear communication and accurate measurement capabilities of orthomosaic maps keep all relevant parties updated and informed, freeing up time for workers to focus on other tasks.

Furthermore, the built-in measurement tools of drone mapping software provide accurate estimates for material orders, reducing the risk of human error and saving the company money.

Overall, drone mapping offers a range of benefits that result in significant cost savings for construction companies.
Pilot Lens Drone Orthomosaic mapping at University of Texas Athletics in Austin Texas.
Orthomosaic maps bring about transformative results for construction companies. They offer high-quality data, efficient project management, improved communication, and time/cost savings.

The swift data collection and clear information support prompt decision-making and enhance on-site productivity.

Shared orthomosaic maps enable project managers to verify work, plan schedules, and document the project easily.

Integrating our drones into construction workflows can revolutionize a company's operations from bidding to building, and Pilot Lens specializes in helping construction and engineering companies minimize pain points, increase profit margins, and meet deadlines.
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