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At Pilot Lens, we understand the importance of Construction Progress Monitoring in ensuring that projects are on track.
Our expert team continuously gathers information to confirm that construction is proceeding according to plan, identifying potential issues and delays early.
By collecting regular progress reports, our project managers can stay informed and address any problems promptly, ensuring that your project stays on schedule and within budget.

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Traditional construction progress monitoring involves sending inspectors to physically visit the site and record observations. However, on-foot inspections have challenges.

A drone flight mission here at Pilot Lens provides a singular, trustworthy, and consistent perspective, compared to the limited "boots-on-the-ground" approach or relying on information from multiple departments.

Flying a drone over the site gives a comprehensive aerial view of progress, leading to an improvement over traditional progress monitoring methods.

The frequency of progress assessment can vary, depending on the desired update rate and the speed of construction.

Progress can be evaluated weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

These reports serve as valuable resources for project documentation, decision-making processes, and communicating with stakeholders involved in the project.

"Site progress reports provide context and enhance construction projects. However, maintaining consistent site imagery throughout the project can be challenging. Progress photos and video resolves this issue by creating a visual timeline of the project from beginning to end, reducing costs, updating stakeholders, and mitigating safety hazards."

-Ty Cody, Founder of Pilot Lens.

Our drones at Pilot Lens are equipped with advanced cameras and sensors, allowing for the capture of high-quality data in various formats.

The photos taken by drones are of exceptional quality, with many construction-specific drones featuring 20-megapixel cameras or better including 6k video resolution.

Our drone photos can be used to track progress by taking aerial shots and comparing them over time through features such as waypoints and geotagging.
Drones capture data in motion through videos.

These videos give a 360° view of construction sites, including structures and assets, from various angles and perspectives, which was previously only possible through expensive manned aircraft flights.

Drones are highly maneuverable and compact, allowing them to reach difficult areas with ease.
To enhance progress monitoring through drone use, construction companies must determine the desired drone data and most useful information for progress reports.

It's recommended to seek guidance from a licensed drone service provider to develop a plan.

A professional drone company, such as Pilot Lens, can advise on available drone data options and any potential legal or airspace restrictions.
Many companies opt to have a drone professional perform the flights and share the data through cloud-based software.

This allows management to focus on advancing the project instead of spending valuable time and resources visiting the work site for progress assessments.

Implementing drones in your construction workflow can completely change your companies’ operations throughout the entire bidding, planning, and building process.

Pilot Lens specializes in partnering with construction and engineering companies to minimize pain points, increase profit margins, and ensure that projects are completed within deadline.

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