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Construction firms utilize stockpile assessments to monitor their inventory of supplies and materials. Conducting periodic assessments of stockpiles enables construction firms to assess if they possess the necessary materials to complete the project, the quantity that needs to be procured in case of shortages, and the excess that needs to be relocated if there is an oversupply.

Accurate measurement of stockpiles plays a crucial role in both financial forecasting and supply chain management.

The use of drones at Pilot Lens in construction offers a reliable method for obtaining stockpile measurements with high accuracy.

This is just one of the many benefits that construction companies are realizing with the use of drones for stockpile measurements, which also include increased efficiency, enhanced safety, and reduced expenses.

Pilot Lens Drone Construction stockpile measurement in Austin Texas
1. Stockpile measurements are conducted at a quicker pace.
2. Data collection is done with greater accuracy and more often.

3. Worker safety has been improved.
4. Reduced overhead costs.
5. Enhanced decision-making and planning.
Pilot Lens Drone Construction stockpile measurement in Austin Texas
These efficiencies bring positive outcomes to construction companies' bottom line, delivering better quality work while conserving both financial and human resources.
The advantages of utilizing drones for stockpile measurement are clear.

They boost the speed, accuracy, and regularity of these measurements while simultaneously enhancing worker safety, reducing costs, and enhancing decision-making and planning for construction firms.  

In light of these benefits, many construction companies are now incorporating drone technology into their stockpile management processes.

At Pilot Lens, you can hire a competent drone expert who can assist you in incorporating drone technology for stockpile measurement on your construction site.
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