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Inspections of telecommunication towers are crucial for maintaining the reliability and safety of cellular networks in the US.

However, inspecting the approximately 120,000 cell towers in the country can be both costly and hazardous to human climbers, as tower climbing is considered one of the most dangerous occupations in the US with yearly reports of fatalities.

Cellular tower inspections used to pose dangers to workers, who had to climb high-rise platforms, potentially disrupting tower performance. Now, with the use of our drones at Pilot Lens, there's no longer a need to risk worker safety or cause downtime.

Precise cell tower inspections in a matter of minutes.

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Using drones to perform these inspections can offer a safer alternative, as the operators remain on the ground while the drone generates a complete set of inspection data.

Our drones at Pilot Lens offer quick, high-resolution imaging and 4K video capabilities. The footage can be magnified for easy detection of faults in towers or antennas.

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Why hiring Pilot Lens is the best solution?

Detect any issues related to damage to the tower and its facilities using drone technology, which is efficient in detecting problems with aging and infrastructure.

Incorporate regular inspections into the cell tower's monthly or bi-annual maintenance schedule.

New cell tower facilities are not exempt from potential construction issues that could affect their integrity.

Conduct more comprehensive inspections of the cell tower components, leading to a higher quality end product.

Telecommunication and Energy companies are utilizing 3D modeling to assess the condition of transmission towers, bridges, and cell towers from a safe distance.

The complete 360° view of all crucial components enables teams to identify potential problems with ease.
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Our drones are equipped with advanced cameras and sensors, allowing for the capture of high-quality data in various formats.

The photos taken by drones are of exceptional quality, with many construction-specific drones featuring 20-megapixel cameras or better including 4k video resolution.

Our drone photos can be used to track progress by taking aerial shots and comparing them over time through features such as waypoints and geotagging.
During drone inspections of cell towers, the collected imagery and data can offset the cost of the inspection service.
Additionally, drones provide a lasting record of the inspection, which can be revisited in the future, unlike relying solely on the inspector's observations.

The use of drone technology for inspecting cell towers and their associated infrastructure has transformed the inspection process and significantly elevated the inspection quality.

If you are convinced of the benefits of drone cell tower inspections, then it's highly recommended that you reach out to the professionals at Pilot Lens.
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